South Whidbey Island


By the Numbers

The average and median waterfront selling prices among the three towns at South Whidbey Island were respectively $1.06 million and $872,500.

May was the most active month for waterfront home sales on South Whidbey Island in 2018. All but one of the 58 waterfront sales in this area were of residential homes. No waterfront homes were sold at Clinton from October through December; and only five waterfront sales were contracted at Freeland between September 2018 and March 2019.

Waterfront homes at Clinton, Langley, and Freeland sold at average prices of $871,000, $1.26 million, and $1.07 million, respectively. The second- and fifth-highest priced homes sold at Langley during the 15 months were both listed by RSIR and sold in May 2018: one for $1.16 million, and another for $2.2 million.