North Kitsap County


By the Numbers

The average residential waterfront prices paid were $837,000 among 11 homes sold at Hansville, and $895,000 among 36 homes sold at Poulsbo.

Waterfront sales in this area comprised 49 homes sold during the 15 months. Six residential waterfront homes were sold monthly in both July and April. The area’s only two condominium sales were also contracted in the latter month at Poulsbo.

Thirteen waterfront homes were sold at prices exceeding a million dollars. Four of RSIR’s waterfront listings in this area sold for an average $1.26 million: two southwest of Lofall on Hood Canal; and two more north of Burke Bay on Port Orchard (the strait, not the city).

[Transactions indicating locations in “Poulsbo” include more than the homes in town there. This area, exclusive of Hansville, ranges from the Hood Canal Bridge south to Burke Bay; and from Miller Bay west to Vinland.]