North King County


By the Numbers

The 15-month floor price for a residential waterfront home in North King County was $444,000, while the average price paid was $1.04 million.

Of the 57 waterfront sales in North King County—comprising Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, and Woodinville—just under a quarter (14) were condominium sales. All of these were located in Kenmore and sold for an average $390,000. In this area, ten sales in June made that the leading month for waterfront sales; notably, there were no sales in Lake Forest Park in the last five months of 2018.

Selling prices of waterfront homes in Lake Forest Park, in Woodinville, and of residential waterfront only in Kenmore averaged $1.17 million, $1.03 million, and $885,000, respectively. The third-highest priced residential waterfront sale was a Lake Forest Park home listed by RSIR, which sold for $2.4 million.